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ALBUM West Virginia Way  

Ben and Trevor on Porch
Ben Davis and Trevor Hammons

Yew Pine Cultural Traditions sponsored The West Virginia Way to showcase the precocious talent of two native Pocahontas County traditional musicians. Trevor Hammons is the great-grandson of Lee Hammons, and is already an accomplished traditional banjo musician. Trevor is also quickly picking up expertise on the fiddle, although his fellow musician, Ben Davis displays his masterful ability in this album. Davis has been playing fiddle for 5 years, first taught by Pam Lund and more recently studying from Jake Krack.Both were 15 years old when recorded by Callum Lane and Dwight Diller. Parents of both young men are exceptionally supportive and encouraging.

This album includes the following cuts: 1. Juliann Johnson. 2. Red Haired Boy. 3. Jig Time. 4. Bonaparte Crossing The Alps. 5. LIttle Billy Wilson. 6. Boatsman. 7. Last Chance. 8. Three Forks Of Cheat. 9. Santa Anna's Retreat. 10. Blue-Eyed Miss. 11. Sugar Babe. 12. Shakin' Down The Acorns. 13. Girl I Left Behind. 14. Cranberry Rock. 15. Congress Reel. 16. Falls Of Richmond.

Trevor and Ben are more than musicians, but are engrossed with the Old Time tradition. Their music is mature, technically sound, and displays that intangible sound that comes from their roots in their native West Virginia.

For information on how to obtain this album, call 304-799-4076 or email tthammons@yahoo.com


Trevor and Ben


Lee Hammons

Lee Hammons is Trevor's Great-Grandfather.