Andy Fults

YPTC Board Member

“Devil Anse,” Andy Fultz, with Dwight Diller playing a banjo that Andy built for him.

Pug and Dwight

Pug and Dwight

Andy lives in Tennessee. His career is in IT, the last 25 years of it in various roles related to software development. Andy has worked on the design, development, and support of various on-line systems primarily claims systems and such for one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Andy is an accomplished skilled instrument builder, including making a favored banjo of Dwight Diller. Andy has been a long-time banjo student of Dwight over the years.

About ten years ago, Andy gave Dwight a small dog, a mixture of pug and chihuahua,  during a time when Dwight was struggling with lonliness. Pug, the name Dwight gave the dog, became Dwight’s constant companion for the next ten years. Pug was a key to Dwight’s health and happiness.

After Dwight died, Andy took Pug to live with him. Pug was probably about three years old when Dwight got him, and now over ten years later, Pug is in declinging health. Pug is happy with Andy as he was with Dwight.

Andy writes on August 17, 2023,

“Pug has been on a bit of a rebound the last couple of days. He gets real excited about dinner time, runs around wagging his tail and barking while Marena is dishing out some food in his bowl. Since he has only a few teeth she is feeding him wet food. Late in the evening yesterday when I took him outside he was back to his old self strutting around the yard with that John Wayne swagger he has. He went to all four corners of the yard and barked out a warning to anything within earshot. Seemed to feel pretty good this morning too.”

“He was doing so bad before I went to Clifftop I thought his time had come, but he shows he isn’t ready to move on just yet.”